Grinding Resin Wheels Hydraulic Press Production Line

Product Characteristics

Grinding resin wheels hydraulic press production line included: materials filling hydraulic press, pre-pressing hydraulic press, hot hydraulic press with maximum 2 units, stripping hydraulic press, conveyor system, products storage box, molds cooling device and molds pre-heat device.

  • Machine Structure: with finite element analysis, which guarantee the strength and rigidity of resin wheels hydraulic press.
  • Ease Operation: user friendly HMI, ease for setting parameters and recipe storage.
  • Control System: with PLC & HMI (Siemens brand), which refer to pressing technology requirement and setting parameters on HMI such as pressure, position, hold pressure and multi-pressing.
  • Operation Mode: each of our grinding wheel hydraulic press equipped with independent hydraulic power pack and electrical system, which to perform four operation mode including: Inching, Manual, Semi-auto and Automatic.
  • Accuracy Monitoring: equipped advanced linear scale pressure sensor, which can be used in monitoring position and pressure in production, and enhancing the pressing accuracy.
  • Pressing Accuracy: repeatability of ram pressure achieve to ±3%, control the scrap rate of products caused by machine accuracy.
  • Energy Saving: using servo motor driving system, fulfill different speed and pressure of requirement. Ensuring the stability of movement with lower noise level.
  • Heating Control: electrical heating or hot oil heating can be selected. Accuracy of heating temperature control in heating plate within ±4°C.
  • Selectivity: one or two units of hot press can be selected in automatic production line of resin wheels.

Grinding resin wheels hydraulic press production line of Dekuma is suitable for press forming of abrasive materials and other forming process such as resin wheels, etc.

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