Servo Frame Type Die Spotting Press

Product characteristics:

Frame structure: welded frame structure made of high quality steel plate and annealing process, confirm the elastic deformation in maximum pressure through finite element analysis, guiding of moving bolster by eight-face linear guide way, enhance the stability of moving bolster movement and high eccentric pressing force;
Ease operation: user friendly HMI, ease for setting parameters and recipe storage;
Control system: PLC + HMI (Siemens brand), refer to pressing technology requirement set the parameters on HMI such as pressure, position, hold pressure, multi-pressing, etc;
Accuracy monitoring: used for linear scale and pressure sensor to monitor the position and pressure, enhance the pressing accuracy;
Position accuracy: repeatability of ram position achieve to ±0.01mm, control the scrap rate of products caused by machine accuracy;
Pressing accuracy: repeatability of ram pressure achieve to ±3%, control the scrap rate of products caused by machine accuracy;
Energy saving: high power motor fulfill high speed high pressure processing requirement, servo motor driving system can achieve energy saving 30 – 50%;
Low noise level: used of servo motor driving system, fulfill different speed and pressure of pressing requirement, ensures the stability of movement, lower noise level;
Ram cylinder designed: used of forged steel and its inner surface is finely grinded, prolonging working life under high pressure;
Hydraulic circuit designed: used of advance two-way cartridge valve, high reliability and less impact on changing of different pressing stage;
Selectivity: different of ejection type can be selected such as lower ejector, upper ejector and lower & upper ejector, suitable for different type of pressing technology requirement;
Ease for maintenance: module structure designed as different function requirement, ease to dis-assembly, machine problems can be checked on HMI;
Automation: design of different automatic production equipment as customer requested;
(Induction motor driving system as option)

It is mainly suitable for cold forging, warm forging and extrusion forming of metal materials, as well as embossing, shallow drawing and blanking. Such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mobile phone casings, LED radiators, watch cases, hardware tools, etc.;
Especially suitable for precision molded parts.

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