Recently, the high-speed testing of the DEKUMA microduct production line has achieved a complete success, achieving the expected goal of a stable production speed of 150 m/min.
This microduct production line test was a comprehensive demonstration carried out in conjunction with European customers visiting the factory for inspection. The configuration of the production line was upgraded in multiple directions according to customer needs. The original production line had achieved a stable production speed of 80-100 m/min.
Through cooperation with customers, DEKUMA deeply understands that the rapid development of global communication technology in recent years has driven the explosive growth of demand for fiber optic networks. Therefore, customers’ requirements for the production efficiency of microducts are increasing.
In order to meet customers’ urgent needs for high output and reduced labor costs, DEKUMA has optimized the original microduct production line.
After continuous testing and adjustment, the DEKUMA technical team has finally achieved a significant increase in production efficiency in recent months, raising the target speed of the production line to over 150 m/min. The newly designed automatic double station winder also passed the test smoothly.
After a series of technical research, DEKUMA launched the microduct production line in 2011. The product has been continuously iterated and upgraded, creating three major advantages for users:

1, Optimize production processes and increase production capacity.

The highest production speed of this line when producing 14mm microtubes can reach 100m/min.

During the entire line test process, the highest production speed of 7mm microtubes reached the expected goal of 150m/min, and the real-time detection of various product indicators met the requirements of the European customers who visited the site.


2, Automated configuration and efficient winding.

The entire line integrates automated control and is equipped with a dual-position automatic rewinder, greatly improving the degree of automation.


3, Provide a complete set of production solutions to save time and effort.

DEKUMA provides users with a complete turnkey solution, with production line plans for all specifications of microducts and various structural bundle tubes.


DEKUMA insists on survival through quality and development through innovation, providing users with better products and services.

The technology of DEKUMA’s microduct production line has reached the leading level in the industry and can meet users’ requirements for high output, high speed, and high efficiency equipment.

At the same time, automated control realizes convenient operation of equipment, reduces dependence on manual labor, and provides a one-stop service for users with a complete set of production solutions, making it the first choice for project investment and equipment upgrades for domestic and foreign customers.

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