In recent years, dekomo——Cosmos Press focuses on the research and development of special hydraulic press for automobile Braking plates. It has the characteristics of high repetition positioning accuracy, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation and maintenance, and is widely recognized by customers.

Improved 300 ton Braking plate hydraulic press

Original 300 ton Braking plate hydraulic press

Recently, delcomo has improved the original 300 tonBraking plates hydraulic press by moving the oil tank up. The improved hydraulic press covers a smaller area and can be installed with manipulators all around, which makes the operation more convenient and flexible, and effectively improves the utilization rate of customers for the site.

This type of hydraulic press can produce 16-18 Braking plates steel backs per minute in the production of manipulator; under the condition of manual operation, it can produce more than 20 pieces per minute, fully meeting the needs of customers for providing production efficiency.

Braking plate steel back