Frame Type Upstroke Hydraulic Press

Product characteristics:

Frame structure: whole welded frame structure through annealing process, enhances high strength and rigidity;
Ram cylinder structure: built-in auxiliary cylinder, fast dry run speed, enhances high productivity;
Oil tank: located at bottom side of machine, ease to change the hydraulic oil and clean the tank;
Control system: PLC + HMI (Siemens brand), refer to pressing technology requirement set the parameters on HMI such as pressure, position, hold pressure, multi-pressing, etc;
Position setting: used of linear scale to feedback the position of moving bolster, ease to adjust the pressing stroke length;
Pressure setting: ease to adjust the pressure as pressing process technology requirement;
Pressure built-up speed: fast pressure built-up speed after mold closed, achieve to target pressure just few seconds;
Selectivity: different of ejection type can be selected such as lower ejector, upper ejector and lower & upper ejector, suitable for different type of pressing technology requirement;
(Servo motor driving system as option)

Stamping, forming, shallow drawing, die spotting, molding and blanking of metallic and non-metallic material;
Forming of watch case, watch band, spectacle parts, photo frame, tableware, metal ornaments, lock parts, auto part and hardware etc.;

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