Rubber track is a kind of transportation equipment widely used in construction, agriculture, military and other industries. In modern society, rubber track provides a safer and more efficient way of transportation for many industries, which has the incomparable advantages of traditional metal track.

  Although rubber track has many advantages, there are many problems in the production of rubber track. For example, the quality of the flat vulcanizing press used in the traditional rubber track production is uneven, inefficient and unstable, which often causes unnecessary waste of human resources, material resources and funds.

  In order to solve this market problem, decamer launched a highly automated rubber crawler. This kind of rubber crawler is used in agricultural, engineering, military and other vehicle tracks. It can automatically load the tape, realize the automatic transportation of rubber materials, the automatic tension of steel wire rope, and the semi-automatic removal of products. Its automation level is far ahead of the peers, providing a solution with high efficiency, stability and reliability for the production of rubber crawler, and can effectively reduce the cost of manpower and capital, and solve many problems in the industry at one stroke.

  In addition to the high degree of automation, the rubber track production line of decamer has many advantages:

Energy saving: in the process of vulcanization, there is no power consumption when the hydraulic pump is stopped, and there is no obvious decrease in mold locking;

Hydraulic precise control of multiple actions synchronization: accurate comparison and adjustment of the flow rate of the three pumps from 0-100% speed to achieve accurate synchronization of each action;

Prolonging product life: due to the ingenious combination of mold locking vulcanization unit and automatic tensioning steel belt device, the average service life of rubber track is increased by 50%;

Intelligent traceability of product quality: intelligent control system, ingenious control of various parameters, monitoring and control of multiple working conditions, and automatic storage of key parameters in the production process.

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