High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has outstanding characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, good welding performance, no pollution to the transmission medium, long service life, low manufacturing and installation costs. Due to the excellent performance of HDPE pipe, large diameter PE pipe is widely used in domestic water supply, mariculture, desalination engineering, transportation of corrosive medium or slurry, application in corrosive soil environment and application in water supply Lining method has unique advantages in repairing old pipelines.

Since the 13th five year plan, the demand of large diameter PE pipeline Market at home and abroad has maintained a sustained and stable growth. Especially in recent years, the wall thickness design of large-diameter PE pipe products is getting larger and larger, and the equipment manufacturers need to have high-speed and efficient extrusion host to meet the higher process requirements in large-diameter PE pipe extrusion production.

DEKUMA has always been a silent cultivator in the extruder industry, and has never stopped exploring product design and process technology. Dkm-ei150 × 36 main machine is newly launched for large diameter PE pipe extrusion line, which continues the excellent quality of DEKUMA products

1、 High yield extrusion, basic yield 1600kg / h, maximum yield 1800kg / h;

2、 It can adapt to the plastic extrusion of various anti sag materials and meet the production demand of large diameter thick wall pipe;

3、 The linear extrusion is stable, and the ratio of rotational speed and extrusion quantity is very stable, which is convenient for process adjustment in the production process;

4、 Extremely low production energy consumption, increase profits for production enterprises

DEKUMA will always adhere to the business philosophy of “craftsman in the heart, proficient in making”, speed up technological breakthrough, from the perspective of users, continue to develop and produce extruders that meet the needs of users. Consolidate the high-end equipment brand influence of “German gene, made in China” and reshape new productivity.