What is the reason that makes it favored by high-end customers?
What is the reason that makes co-operate last for more than 20 years?
What is the reason that made them come back after tried other brand machine?
The equipment introduced is Cosmos up stroke four-column servo driven hydraulic press.
It is often used in the processing of automobile and motorcycle parts, precious metals, and precision hardware products. It is a series of servo hydraulic presses for metal pressing and forming processes such as auto parts, commemorative coins, glasses, watch cases, watch straps, signs, and badges.
Although it is only a general-purpose device, it contributes to the signage and high precision components with its excellent performance and reliable quality.
Cosmos Press has been in hydraulic press industry over 40 years, and has accumulated rich experience and mature technology in the field of design and manufacturing. 
Our professional team has improved the processing capacity and mechanization level of hydraulic presses to the greatest extent through repeated tests.
Not only that, Cosmos Press also always insists on quick responding to customer needs, being anxious about what customers are anxious about, thinking about what customers think, and when encountering after-sales problems that customers cannot be solved, they will quickly go to the customer’s site for installation guidance and find the shot the point of problems as quickly as possible.
To help customers solve problems in time, these are the secrets of Cosmos’ cooperation with customers for many years.
Such an excellent device, let’s see what’s unique.

01 Ultra-high precision, improve product quality

Main cylinder slow press repeat pressure accuracy: ±1.5bar, master cylinder slow press repeat position accuracy: ±0.01mm, even if an upright coin is placed, it will not fall down. Ultra-high pressure accuracy and position accuracy can significantly improve product qualification rate and reduce damage to molds.


02 Servo drive, energy saving and environmental friendly

According to the actual needs of each process, there is no loss in the output torque speed, thereby reducing impact noise. Compared with conventional hydraulic presses, it can save energy by about 30%-50%.


03 Precise guiding, prolonging the service life of the mould

The guide length of the moving beam is more than twice the stroke of the main cylinder, and the precise guide can improve the protection of the mould.



High precision machine produces high quality product. For more than 20 years, high-end customers have been using Cosmos up stroke four-column servo driven hydraulic press. It has many advantages. 

In future, Cosmos Press will adhere to the service concept of “user interests are above all else”, provides customers with a complete set of automated solutions, and make Cosmos Press the preferred brand of customers.