This product is mainly used for metallic materials such as shallow drawing, press forming and stamping process.

It is suitable for the forming of high-precision parts such as automotive cover parts, interior parts, sealing pads, new energy vehicle battery pack water-cooled plates, computer and server casings, household appliance casings, TV back panels, and plate-type radiators.

1: Newly upgraded with a large table design

3 x 2 meter large bolster, optimized for the pressing of new energy vehicle battery pack water-cooled plates.

2:High precision pressing for improved pressed products pass rate

Ram cylinder slow pressing position repeatability ≤±0.02mm, ram cylinder slow pressing pressure accuracy ≤±1.5bar.

3:Super-strong frame structure designed for reliability and durability

Box type frame structure designed through annealing process, confirm the elastic deformation in maximum pressure through finite element analysis, guiding of moving bolster by eight-face linear guide way, enhance the stability of moving bolster movement and high eccentric pressing force.

4:Fast and flexible to improve production speed

Servo motor drive + two-way cartridge valve control, fast response speed hydraulic system, sensitive action, and reliable operation.

5:Advanced operating system for easy operation

Equipped with a Siemens PLC control system with HMI interface, large touch screen for ease operation.

6:Energy-saving to reduce production costs

Uses a servo motor drive, energy consumption reduced by 30%~50% compare with induction motor.

Drawing on 40 years of hydraulic ingenuity and craftsmanship, Cosmos Press has developed a high-precision frame servo hydraulic press that is a powerful tool for manufacturing precision parts.