Microduct is a small conduit with a diameter generally between 5-22mm that can be used as a channel for installing fiber optic cables.

Microduct bundles, are preassembled groups of microducts used for the installation of multiple fiber optic cables.

Since its launch in 2011, Dekuma’s Microduct & Microduct Bundle Extrusion Line

has been constantly iterated and upgraded, resulting in three major advantages for users:


01Optimize the production process to increase productivity

The production speed of 14mm pipe up to 100m/min.


02Automated configuration and efficient winding

Dual stations winder with automatic switching device can quickly change position and neatly arrange the pipe.


03Provide a total production solution, saving time and effort

Dekuma provides customers with a turnkey solution, which can produce Microducts of all specifications and provide various production plans for Microduct Bundles.


The Microduct Bundle production line developed by Dekuma in cooperation with overseas customers provide users with a set of production solutions that are easy to operate, efficient and stable, and replace by automation instead of manual production.

We can always assist users in easily achieving a comprehensive upgrade in the production of Microduct & Microduct Bundle.