At present, although the scale of China’s manufacturing industry ranks among the top in the world, with the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the development of industrial upgrading and transformation, potential problems in the industry are gradually exposed.

Most of the traditional rubber and plastic machinery equipment is mainly low-end, and the automation level and performance of these equipment are still far behind foreign high-end equipment.

For example, traditional production equipment may cause environmental pollution and cause factories to be moved to remote areas. Machines with a low level of automation make workers too labor-intensive, resulting in the dilemma of finding and retaining people. Production equipment in some certain fields has long relied on imports. These are the “unspeakable pain” of the rapidly developing Chinese manufacturing industry!



Dekuma believes that relying on “two substitutions” and “technological innovation” can alleviate these pains. From the transformation and upgrading of equipment to promote the industrial upgrading of the rubber and plastics industry. Complete the transformation from “big” to “strong” and enhance the competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry.

“Two substitutions” refers to the substitution of imported equipment and the substitution of labor. Only when China can independently develop and produce high-end equipment can we gradually reduce our dependence on imported equipment, and enable more domestic manufacturing companies to realize their original aspirations and help the rubber and plastics industry produce intelligent manufacturing.

“Innovation” is the difficulty of Chinese manufacturing and the pain of Chinese manufacturing, but it is also the light of hope and breakthrough of Chinese manufacturing. Since the reform and opening up, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese “intelligent” manufacturing, only when manufacturing enterprises take innovation as the first driver can we drive China into an era of innovation in an all-round way.


Recently, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau released the Announcement on the List of Dongguan Innovative Enterprises to Be Recognized in 2021.

According to the implementation of Dongguan Innovative Enterprise Cultivation Plan, based on the national high-tech enterprises, no more than 100 high-tech enterprises with strong innovation ability, fast growth and good development potential will be selected as the top 100 innovative enterprises; the focus will be on promoting enterprises to break through the national and provincial R&D planning technologies in key areas, cultivated them as listed companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the Second Board, and built into Hidden Champions of the industry.



Since 2012, DEKUMA has beenContinuously meet the new needs of customers in the selected market segments, actively pay attention to the pain points of customers, and continue to meet customers through technological innovation, gradually replace imported equipment in more and more industries, and gradually ease the difficulty of recruiting for customers, and the common problem of keeping people difficult.

The highly representative and special machines for segmented markets such as automobile rubber seal strip angle splicer, rubber track machine, automobile nylon multi-layer oil tube production line, microduct extrusion line and automobile steel back special machine are constantly researched and developed in an innovative way.In these industries, Dekuma’s equipment has been highly recognized by global industry benchmarking companies and has reached long-term strategic cooperation.

In the List of Dongguan TOP 100 Innovative Enterprises to Be Recognized in 2021, DEKUMA was successfully shortlisted into Dongguan Top 100 Innovative Enterprises.



Over the years, DEKUMA has always focused on the R&D, production and sales of rubber injection molding machine, pipe extrusion production line and hydraulic press, as well as providing customers with after-sales services of related products. DEKUMA is committed to providing global customers with turnkey solutions for complete sets of equipment.

Its products are widely used in many fields such as auto parts, building materials, energy transmission and electronic communications. Customers are located in dozens of countries in Europe, America, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc.

In the future, DEKUMA will continue to dig deep into the industry-specific markets, devote itself to providing customers with industry-specific equipment, and tailor-made one-stop solutions for customers to meet diverse production needs.


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