“Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2023” is the Middle East International Power, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition with a history of 47 years. 
It is one of the most influential power and energy professional exhibitions in the world.
As a “Specialized and Innovative” enterprise in Guangdong Province, DEKUMA has always taken “Scientific and Technological Innovation” as the development direction.
We are invited to participate in the “Middle East Power Exhibition MEE 2023”. 
The whole line of products and many new products will meet customers and friends in Dubai International Exhibition Center, UAE from March 7 to 9, 2023.
Can we successfully attract the attention of customers by carefully selecting excellent products? DKM-RA300 composite insulator dedicated machine has the ability to attract customers’ attention.

Production products of 

“RA300 composite insulator rubber machine”▲

DEKUMA not only has many years of experience in self-developed machines, but also has an experienced automation team that understands the production process of products.
After 25 years of experience and adhering to German manufacturing standards, this dedicated machine developed for insulator production by the engineering and technical team of DEKUMA has been highly recognized by customers in the market segment by virtue of its high efficiency, stability and wide application range.
What is the strong performance of this composite insulator dedicated machine?
#01  Wide application scope Multi-purpose of one machine

Cover a range of different specification of 11KV-66kV insulator.


#02  Stable and durable performance
The optimization of plasticizing and injection systems were leaded by German technical consultants.  
Equipped with imported brand electrical and hydraulic parts, stable and reliable template thick and no deformation, to ensure that products without flying edge. 


#03  Save material, save time, free from worry

Large capacity material barrel, easy and convenient for feeding.

Full automatic injection system, avoid manually weighing & filling material, and other tedious manual steps.
Professional cold runner design, save material. 
Comfortable operating height, quicker and more convenient to take products.

DEKUMA has always been in the forefront of niche market dedicated machine, every year will focus on customer needs to launch a new niche market dedicated machine to the market.

DKM-RA300 composite insulator dedicated machine will bring different surprises to customers in MEE 2023!