With the emergence of polymer materials, ceramics and glass are no longer the preferred insulation materials. European and American countries have started to research polymer insulators, studying the physical and electrical properties, long-term reliability, and optimal shapes of electric insulators, leading to continuous improvement in productivity.


Among the polymer materials that can replace ceramics and glass, silicone rubber has more advantages than other polymers. Composite insulators, which are made of silicone rubber, are used as insulators for power lines and are mainly used in substations.

Dekuma not only has many years of experience in independently researching and developing machines, but also has an experienced team that understands the product manufacturing process. This special machine, which was developed by our over 25 years of experience engineering and technical team and adheres to German manufacturing standards for insulator production, is highly recognized by customers in the niche market due to its high efficiency, stability, and wide applicability.

“Composite insulator rubber machine”

production of finished products


What exactly makes the performance of this special machine for composite insulators so powerful?


1、Low-platform designed for easy operation


The low-platform design provides comfortable operating height, facilitates equipment operation and layout, and eliminates the need for foundation pits. The fully automatic injection system eliminates tedious steps such as material weighing and filling, reducing labor intensity. The professional design of the cold runner system saves materials and improves production efficiency.



2、Stability and durability


The bolster is thick, with good anti-deformation performance and durability, resulting in small burrs on the produced items. Equipped with imported electrical and hydraulic components, enhances the stability and reliability.



3、Multi-purpose machine with wide range of applications


Developed specifically for insulators, it can cover all specifications from 10kV to 550kV, and is a multi-purpose machine with a wide range of applications.



Dekuma has always focused on “technological innovation” as its development direction, continuously deepening its presence in niche markets, and improving its brand influence and industry competitiveness.


At the same time, Dechom will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with users, deeply understand their needs, improve user satisfaction and trust, and provide users with higher quality, intelligent, and environmentally friendly products and services, making greater contributions to the development of the insulator industry.