DKM-RV200F Rubber Machine is widely used in the electric power industry, especially in the production of various types of EPDM and silicone rubber cable accessories, such as elbow joints, T-joints, insulating caps, and cable terminal joints.

This equipment has the following features:


1、Flexible structure for easy mold installation

Adopts a direct pressure locking mold structure to facilitate the installation of molds with different thicknesses. In addition, the stepless pull rod structure also ensures sufficient space for mold locking.


2、Safe device to improve production efficiency

The locking mold cylinder comes with a safety pressure protection device to prevent overloading of the locking mold pressure.


3、Anti-loosening structure to extend service life

The pull rod anti-loosening structure ensures that the threads on both ends of the pull rod are secure, evenly stressed, and not easily damaged.


4、Intelligent system for easy operation

Adopts the most advanced control system in Europe to meet the requirements of various molds and product processes.

DKM has always been committed to meeting the needs of users, constantly innovating, and improving product and service quality to provide users with comprehensive solutions.

We believe that the DKM-RV200F Rubber Machine will help users achieve a dual reduction in production costs and management costs, and create more business opportunities and competitive advantages for users.