With the rapid development ofnew energy vehicles, the demand for window seals in the automotive industry is also increasing.
Intense market competition has led to higher requirements for car door and window sealing from new energy vehicle manufacturers, in order to maintain temperature and reduce noiselevel inside the car.

This demand is a great opportunity for DEKUMA, as it can provide customers with higher quality and precision sealing strip processing equipment to meet the increasingly high demands of the new energy vehicle industry.

DEKUMA RC series rubber machine has a long history of application in the field of automotive seal corner joints. It is not only widely welcomed by high-end automotive parts manufacturers in China, and exported to important automotive manufacturing markets such as the United States, Europe, and South Korea.
So, what has enabled theDEKUMA RC series automotive window seal corner machines to conquer this application field?
01、High precision to improve product passed rate
The window seals on automotive doors and windows are composed of multiple parts, and the seal corner requires precise control of injection volume, otherwise, it may affect the product quality. Therefore, injection accuracy is a key technical factor that customers and the market are highly concerned about.
DEKUMA’s technical team has been honing their skills for many years, equipped with a fully imported servo control system, and the highest injection repeatability accuracy can reach up to ±0.02g. The machines also feature an integral machine body structure, which enhances their reliability and stability, meeting European equipment standards.
02、Continuous material supply to improve production efficiency

Customers require production line equipment to have the ability to operate stably in the long-term to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the production line, reduce the probability of defective products, and avoid delays caused by such issues.

The DEKUMA RC seriesautomotive window seal corner machines feature a professionally designed material feeding system that effectively solves the problem of material interruption and ensures continuous material supply, thus meeting the customer needs. The unique feeding system of the machine can efficiently solve the issue of material interruption, ensuring stable operation of the production line.
03、Mature technology to meet customer needs
This equipment has been confirmed by global benchmark customers in the industry over past 18 years and has received high recognition from them. Key strategic partners such as Hande, Dongyi, and Kubo have all chosen us, and our products have been exported to Europe, America, South Korea, and other regions.
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As a manufacturer of high-end rubber and plastic equipment,DEKUMA has always been paying attention to market development trends and committed to researching new technologies and materials to improve the efficiency and precision of seal processing equipment.

We also place great importance on maintaining constant communication with our customers to ensure that our equipment consistently meets their needs. Our aim is to provide automotive manufacturers with more intelligent, environmentally friendly, and stableseal processing equipment.
Meanwhile, DEKUMA will also take actions in the directions of “substituting imports, replacing labor, deepeningindustry segmentation, and developing overseas markets” to better meet market demands. In achieving our own development goals, we will also contribute to the intelligent and low-carbon development of the rubber and plastic equipment industry.