DKM-RV200F Rubber Injection Machine: A powerful tool for cable accessory production

DKM-RV200F Rubber Machine is widely used in the electric power industry, especially in the production of various types of EPDM and silicone rubber cable accessories, such as elbow joints, T-joints, insulating caps, and cable terminal joints.

This equipment has the following features:


1、Flexible structure for easy mold installation

Adopts a direct pressure locking mold structure to facilitate the installation of molds with different thicknesses. In addition, the stepless pull rod structure also ensures sufficient space for mold locking.


2、Safe device to improve production efficiency

The locking mold cylinder comes with a safety pressure protection device to prevent overloading of the locking mold pressure.


3、Anti-loosening structure to extend service life

The pull rod anti-loosening structure ensures that the threads on both ends of the pull rod are secure, evenly stressed, and not easily damaged.


4、Intelligent system for easy operation

Adopts the most advanced control system in Europe to meet the requirements of various molds and product processes.

DKM has always been committed to meeting the needs of users, constantly innovating, and improving product and service quality to provide users with comprehensive solutions.

We believe that the DKM-RV200F Rubber Machine will help users achieve a dual reduction in production costs and management costs, and create more business opportunities and competitive advantages for users.

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2000T High-Precision Frame Type Servo Driven Hydraulic Press

This product is mainly used for metallic materials such as shallow drawing, press forming and stamping process.

It is suitable for the forming of high-precision parts such as automotive cover parts, interior parts, sealing pads, new energy vehicle battery pack water-cooled plates, computer and server casings, household appliance casings, TV back panels, and plate-type radiators.

1: Newly upgraded with a large table design

3 x 2 meter large bolster, optimized for the pressing of new energy vehicle battery pack water-cooled plates.

2:High precision pressing for improved pressed products pass rate

Ram cylinder slow pressing position repeatability ≤±0.02mm, ram cylinder slow pressing pressure accuracy ≤±1.5bar.

3:Super-strong frame structure designed for reliability and durability

Box type frame structure designed through annealing process, confirm the elastic deformation in maximum pressure through finite element analysis, guiding of moving bolster by eight-face linear guide way, enhance the stability of moving bolster movement and high eccentric pressing force.

4:Fast and flexible to improve production speed

Servo motor drive + two-way cartridge valve control, fast response speed hydraulic system, sensitive action, and reliable operation.

5:Advanced operating system for easy operation

Equipped with a Siemens PLC control system with HMI interface, large touch screen for ease operation.

6:Energy-saving to reduce production costs

Uses a servo motor drive, energy consumption reduced by 30%~50% compare with induction motor.

Drawing on 40 years of hydraulic ingenuity and craftsmanship, Cosmos Press has developed a high-precision frame servo hydraulic press that is a powerful tool for manufacturing precision parts.

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Precision Extrusion | Dekuma Auto 5-layer Pipe Production Line

Recently, the five-layer nylon composite pipe extrusion line developed by Dekuma has successfully passed acceptance tests and has been sent to customer factories for installation and production.
The Dekuma five-layer nylon composite pipe extrusion line is mainly used for the production of automotive fuel system pipelines, including the fuel pipe of the automotive powertrain, the fuel supply pipe, the return pipe, and the chassis fuel pipeline. The five-layer composite fuel pipe has the advantages of lightweight, environmental protection, and low permeability.
Providing high-quality products and exquisite cutting-edge technology is the primary driving force of innovation at Dekuma.
Dekuma, a leading intelligent machinery manufacturer, prioritizes innovation in advanced technology and delivers exceptional service to its customers. 
It has always been focused on the research and development of products that achieve “two replacements” (replacing imports and replacing manual labor) to help users enhance their competitiveness. 
In 2012, Dekuma was the first company to provide multi-layer nylon composite pipe extrusion lines to well-known automotive pipeline production users, breaking the long-standing dependence of domestic automotive pipeline production companies on imported equipment. 
In 2018, Dekuma’s multi-layer nylon composite pipe extrusion line once again made a breakthrough by realizing the compatibility of pipes and corrugated pipes in one extrusion system, and upgrading the online intelligent production data system to better meet the needs of users on site. Through continuous optimization and upgrading, the Dekuma’s new model – the five-layer nylon composite pipe extrusion line, with its precise and efficient core advantages, has taken a leading position in the industry and is highly favored by users.
The Dekuma five-layer nylon composite pipe extrusion line has the following advantages:
1、High extrusion accuracy with multi-layer composite head
Dekuma’s five-layer nylon composite extrusion line has a multi-layer composite head structure, ensuring uniform composition of each layer, high-speed and stable extrusion, and a production speed of up to 60m/min. 
2、Precise and stable layering of pipes, improving production pass rate
Using nylon-specific screw + barrel, the extrusion is precise and stable with a high pass rate, reducing production costs. 
Ultrasonic detection device monitors the wall thickness distribution during production in real-time. 
Customized Siemens control system precisely controls the extrusion operation of each extruder.
3、Convenient mold head disassembly, saving time, effort and worry free
High precision taper sealing is used between the flow channels, and only one pressure plate can perfectly fix the five flow channels, effectively reducing the number of screws. 
Special tools can allow one person to quickly assemble or disassemble the mold. 
The flow channels have a unique design and can switch channels by rotating the angle of the flow channel. 
Through scientific and reasonable channel design and high precision processing requirements, the product is ensured to have uniform layering.
In recent years, with high performance, reliability, and stability, Dekuma provides users with customized special equipment and convenient services, achieving remarkable results in the specialized equipment sub-market.
Based on a deep understanding of products, technology, and market, Dekuma technical engineers continuously upgrade existing levels and introduce more user-friendly technical solutions to meet new market changes. While meeting the latest user needs, it realizes the domestic application of precision extrusion technology.
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DEKUMA will participate in Middle East Electricity 2023


“Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2023” is the Middle East International Power, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition with a history of 47 years. 
It is one of the most influential power and energy professional exhibitions in the world.
As a “Specialized and Innovative” enterprise in Guangdong Province, DEKUMA has always taken “Scientific and Technological Innovation” as the development direction.
We are invited to participate in the “Middle East Power Exhibition MEE 2023”. 
The whole line of products and many new products will meet customers and friends in Dubai International Exhibition Center, UAE from March 7 to 9, 2023.
Can we successfully attract the attention of customers by carefully selecting excellent products? DKM-RA300 composite insulator dedicated machine has the ability to attract customers’ attention.

Production products of 

“RA300 composite insulator rubber machine”▲

DEKUMA not only has many years of experience in self-developed machines, but also has an experienced automation team that understands the production process of products.
After 25 years of experience and adhering to German manufacturing standards, this dedicated machine developed for insulator production by the engineering and technical team of DEKUMA has been highly recognized by customers in the market segment by virtue of its high efficiency, stability and wide application range.
What is the strong performance of this composite insulator dedicated machine?
#01  Wide application scope Multi-purpose of one machine

Cover a range of different specification of 11KV-66kV insulator.


#02  Stable and durable performance
The optimization of plasticizing and injection systems were leaded by German technical consultants.  
Equipped with imported brand electrical and hydraulic parts, stable and reliable template thick and no deformation, to ensure that products without flying edge. 


#03  Save material, save time, free from worry

Large capacity material barrel, easy and convenient for feeding.

Full automatic injection system, avoid manually weighing & filling material, and other tedious manual steps.
Professional cold runner design, save material. 
Comfortable operating height, quicker and more convenient to take products.

DEKUMA has always been in the forefront of niche market dedicated machine, every year will focus on customer needs to launch a new niche market dedicated machine to the market.

DKM-RA300 composite insulator dedicated machine will bring different surprises to customers in MEE 2023!
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