Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Machine

Product Characteristics:

Dekuma’s silicone injection molding machine wad designed as straight pressure clamping structure. It equipped side ejectors for fixed plate and middle-side ejector for movable plate which fit for different sizes of molds and any liquid silicone rubber injection production requirements.


  • Close-loop Control Clamping System: combined with brushing system for automatic demold.
  • FIFO Injection System: which can control oil temperature separately for barrel and accumulator.
  • B&R X20 Control System: which equipped a 10.4’ touch screen with key-press.
  • All of our REP-H silicone injection molding machine and production line were approved by CE safety standards.

Dekuma’s silicone injection molding machine was designed for O-ring, precise rubber parts, sealing strips and silicone rubber connectors.

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