RT Series- Rubber injection molding machine for composite insulators

Product characteristics:

Machine designed particularly for high-voltage composite insulators

The clamping unit locates at the top of machine, largely reduce operation height, more convenient and user-friendly for operation.

The designing of clamping unit is reasonable and secure, adopting Block-type clamping style to keep the gravity on the clamping center which ensure the machine work stably. While opening the mould to limitation, the Block will be immediately closed automatically, which ensure to protect the machine mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts effectively.

Adopting hydraulic block to adjust mould height during exchanging different moulds, easier quicker, and more accurate operation.

The designing and optimizing of the plasticization system and injection system are leaded by German engineers, enable the screw with a better delivering capacity, more reasonable homogenization ability and better venting performance.

Adopt American high pressure pump and German hydraulic valve, ensure the machine works with a stable and reliable hydraulic system.

Germany imported double-layer high temperature resistance thermal insulation plates reduce by 40% energy consumption, more reliable and more energy-saving.

Austria B&R controller system, 10.4’’ TFT color screen, easier for operation, more user-friendly.

Suitable for HTV silicone rubber to produce long-rod insulators, hollow core bushings, arresters, cable accessories and switch gear.

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