20-year co-operation between Cosmos Press and high-end customers

What is the reason that makes it favored by high-end customers?
What is the reason that makes co-operate last for more than 20 years?
What is the reason that made them come back after tried other brand machine?
The equipment introduced is Cosmos up stroke four-column servo driven hydraulic press.
It is often used in the processing of automobile and motorcycle parts, precious metals, and precision hardware products. It is a series of servo hydraulic presses for metal pressing and forming processes such as auto parts, commemorative coins, glasses, watch cases, watch straps, signs, and badges.
Although it is only a general-purpose device, it contributes to the signage and high precision components with its excellent performance and reliable quality.
Cosmos Press has been in hydraulic press industry over 40 years, and has accumulated rich experience and mature technology in the field of design and manufacturing. 
Our professional team has improved the processing capacity and mechanization level of hydraulic presses to the greatest extent through repeated tests.
Not only that, Cosmos Press also always insists on quick responding to customer needs, being anxious about what customers are anxious about, thinking about what customers think, and when encountering after-sales problems that customers cannot be solved, they will quickly go to the customer’s site for installation guidance and find the shot the point of problems as quickly as possible.
To help customers solve problems in time, these are the secrets of Cosmos’ cooperation with customers for many years.
Such an excellent device, let’s see what’s unique.

01 Ultra-high precision, improve product quality

Main cylinder slow press repeat pressure accuracy: ±1.5bar, master cylinder slow press repeat position accuracy: ±0.01mm, even if an upright coin is placed, it will not fall down. Ultra-high pressure accuracy and position accuracy can significantly improve product qualification rate and reduce damage to molds.


02 Servo drive, energy saving and environmental friendly

According to the actual needs of each process, there is no loss in the output torque speed, thereby reducing impact noise. Compared with conventional hydraulic presses, it can save energy by about 30%-50%.


03 Precise guiding, prolonging the service life of the mould

The guide length of the moving beam is more than twice the stroke of the main cylinder, and the precise guide can improve the protection of the mould.



High precision machine produces high quality product. For more than 20 years, high-end customers have been using Cosmos up stroke four-column servo driven hydraulic press. It has many advantages. 

In future, Cosmos Press will adhere to the service concept of “user interests are above all else”, provides customers with a complete set of automated solutions, and make Cosmos Press the preferred brand of customers.
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The Tips of DEKUMA 400PVC Pipe Extrusion Line


最近德库玛销售很忙,和客户沟通安装细节,因为一条新的400mm PVC管材挤出生产线正在运往巴西。













我们已经与巴西客户合作了 5 年。我们一直赢得他们的信任和好评。











01 高效省材


DEKUMA 400PVC管材挤出生产线可适应uPVC、mPVC低钙多配方,开机成本远低于同行。



02 产量更高,能耗更低








03 可靠实用





04 耐用的螺杆和机筒








05 整线配置合理





DEKUMA PVC挤出生产线已远销中东、非洲、南美等国家和地区,性能得到充分验证。


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Decryption of DEKUMA’s “Outside Mold Decoration Technology”


With the continuous development,OMD technology has been deeply concerned and sought after by various industries for its unique product appearance decoration effect .

OMD technology can achieve decorative effects of various metals, simulation materials, complex curved surface locating patterns, light transmission, skin feeling, etc. It is widely used in automobile, household appliances, electronic 3C and other fields, and will gradually replace the traditional non-environmentally friendly surface treatment technologies in the future to produce richer decorative effects on the surface.

To fill the domestic technical vacancy and continuously achieve breakthroughs in the new technical field, DEKUMA has launched a new DOD (differential pressure overlay decoration) technology scheme through independent research and development and years of project practice, which s Solve the problem of China’s dependence on imported equipment and imported film materials, with the aim to provide customers with complete equipment-film-production solutions, so as to realize the localization.


01 Introduction of OMD process


DOD (Differential Pressure Overlay Decoration) is a new technology scheme of OMD (Out Mold Decoration) lauched by DEKUMA as well as an extension of IMD (In-Mold Decoration).

OMD uses heating, vacuum and high-pressure gas to realize product surface overlaying or transfer printing, and can realize 3D surface decoration process with higher quality appearance effect, and belongs to three-dimensional appearance decoration technology.

As an extension of IMD process, it combines texture effects such as color and texture, and perfectly combines printing technology, texture and metallization characteristics, so that it can make more three-dimensional and highly 3D curved surface products and achieve many appearance effects, including metal wire drawing, wood grain, stone grain, leather and etc.


02 Process characteristics of OMD


OMD process can be used to decorate the surfaces of various materials: plastic, glass, metal, wood, stone, etc., because the softening temperature of the film in the manufacturing process is lower than that of the in-mold decoration, and then the touch will be better preserved, and it will not be easily weakened or disappear. The touch has obvious concave-convex feeling, which can solve the overlaying problem and yield of complex products that cannot be handled by manpower.


03 Introduction of OMD process flow


OMD equipment process is a process where the vacuum and atmospheric pressure are used to make the film with adhesive layer heated and overlaid on the surface of the product and tightly attached.

The key point of manufacturing lies in the utilization of pressure difference. Through locating, evacuating, film heating, pressurizing and other operations, the mold can be opened and the product can be taken out after six steps.


04 Advantages of OMD process


● Fast and low-cost proofing. The surface overlaying process can be done just by placing and fixing the products, thus there is no need to open the mold and then process it like IMD;
● Good applicability and convenience. It can simultaneously put a variety of products with different shapes in the forming bin for product overlaying;
● The process is green and environmentally friendly, without considering the environmental impact assessment, and it is one of the best choices to replace the  painting, water transfer printing and electroplating;
● Large design freedom. It can be applied to various complex shapes for deeper processing. During the processing, it can be overlaid to the reverse hook part and the end of the product to meet the surface decoration requirement of complex shapes;
● Wide application. OMD process not only plays a role in decorating the appearance of products, but also improves the performance of products, which greatly stimulates the sensory needs of consumers. At present, it is mainly used in the automobiles, electronic 3C, medical treatment, sports equipment and household appliances, and has a broad market prospects.


05 Development of DEKUMA in OMD process

Owing to the continuous investment of DEKUMA in research and development of process technology, optimization of product design scheme and improvement of process level, DOD (differential pressure overlay decoration) technology has been highly recognized by the market.
It has already obtained a number of invention and utility model patents and national software copyrights in China and Hong Kong and also has successfully broken through the problem of relying on imported equipment and imported membrane materials in China, and it can provide customers with complete solutions of equipment-membrane materials-production.
Compared with the imported equipment, DOD (differential pressure overlay decoration) technology scheme is very competitive in terms of the quality, service and price. Advanced equipment technology, through the adjustment and coordination of technical parameters, can reduce the requirements for diaphragms, so that the most domestic diaphragms can be popularized and widely utilized. The supporting development of automatic production equipment and information collection and analysis system makes customers more efficient in production and worry-free in management.
The new breakthrough of DOD (differential pressure overlay decoration) technology scheme benefits from the rich foundation laid by technological progress and innovation. In the future, DEKUMA will strive to build a solid basis for “replacing the imports and the labors” with scientific and technological innovation and ingenuity, provide customers and consumers with more high-quality domestic products, and help the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry.
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Talent is the key to enterprise innovation


Recently, Mr. Wang Guiqiu (“Mr. Wang”), Director of DEKUMA Rubber Machinery Business Division, was rated as a “senior engineer”.

Mr. Wang has been engaged in the rubber and plastic machinery industry for more than 20 years. Since he worked in Datong Group in 2000, he has been responsible for the overall development and design of the mechanical main body and hydraulic system of rubber injection machine. He has successively obtained more than 20 patented technologies and numerous R&D achievements, and has been silently contributing to the development of China’s rubber and plastic machinery industry.


During his professional career, Mr. Wang always led his team to challenge themselves and get involved in difficult projects, such as the R&D of automated rubber track machine in 2013.
At that time, a leading company in the production of rubber tracks in China contacted DEKUMA team and described various difficulties of traditional rubber track machines such as “over-reliance on labor, extremely high labor intensity, and difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff”, in the hope that a set of automated production equipment can be customized by DEKUMAteam for them.
After fully understanding the production process of tracks, Mr. Wang and his team proposed a variety of schemes for the process flow, and confirmed the specific direction with the customer. After months of intensive preparations and multiple rounds of adjustment, the experimental model was finally completed and a satisfactory automation scheme came out.
Nowadays, the automated rubber track machine has been improved for several times, can realize automated rubber sheet loading, automated demolding and automated reclaiming as well as can produce “nodeless integrated track” that cannot be achieved manually, greatly improving the product quality.
Since 2013, DEKUMA has supplied a total of nearly 300 sets of automated rubber track machines to more than ten leading enterprises in rubber track production both at home and abroad, and its products have been exported to South America, North America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, India and other countries and regions.
In 2012, DEKUMA cooperated with the“national engineering research center of new polymer molding equipment“ of South China University of Technology, and successfully developed DKM-R series large-scale rubber injection machine, which won the second prize of Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Dongguan Science and Technology Progress Award; in 2017, the “rubber track vulcanization molding machine project” won the Award of Dongguan First Set of Key Technical Equipment…
The above-mentioned are the achievements made by Mr. Wang and DEKUMA team after several years’ hard working. Mr. Wang himself also obtained 7 invention patents and 15 utility model patents in the R&D field of rubber injection machine.
In addition, at the German K Show to be held in this October, DEKUMA will launch the latest DKM-RC series rubber injection machine for automobile rubber seal strip angle joint, which is also one of the ace products developed by the team led by Mr. Wang.
Although the corner connection of automobile door and window seal strip has relatively simple structure, it is small in size, very complex in shape, low in load bearing and difficult to process. High-precision injection technology is required to ensure its quality. In the past, high-end users had no choice but to choose the imported equipment.
The DKM-RC series automobile rubber seal strip angle splicer was jointly developed by DEKUMA and a well-known European rubber and plastic equipment brand. It combined advanced European technology and China’s efficient processing and production capacity, filling the blank of domestic technology in this field at that time. Its greatest advantage is its ultra-high injection repeatability precision, with the single injection volume of 1-5g and its precision of ±0.02g.
After Mr. Wang’s continuous innovation and upgrading of DKM-RC series automobile rubber seal strip angle splicer, both the reliability and stability of the equipment are close to European equipment standards. In the past 18 years, more than 3,000 units of the equipment have been sold, and the products have been exported to Europe, America, South Korea and other regions. Henniges, DONGIL and Unihopper are our important strategic partners.
With the joint efforts of Mr. Wang and the engineering team, DEKUMA has become the leader in China’s high-end rubber and plastic machinery industry, and has become the best choice to replace imported equipment.
China’s manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and high-end technical talents will play an increasingly critical role.
DEKUMA, which has always been driven by innovation, not only has an experienced engineering team, but also continues to cultivate and introduce excellent technical talents. More “senior engineers” will emerge in the future. They will grow up together with DEKUMA, continue to innovate to achieve the goal of “replacing imports and replacing labor”, and contribute to the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.
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DEKUMA listed into Dongguan Top 100 Innovative Enterprises 2021

At present, although the scale of China’s manufacturing industry ranks among the top in the world, with the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the development of industrial upgrading and transformation, potential problems in the industry are gradually exposed.

Most of the traditional rubber and plastic machinery equipment is mainly low-end, and the automation level and performance of these equipment are still far behind foreign high-end equipment.

For example, traditional production equipment may cause environmental pollution and cause factories to be moved to remote areas. Machines with a low level of automation make workers too labor-intensive, resulting in the dilemma of finding and retaining people. Production equipment in some certain fields has long relied on imports. These are the “unspeakable pain” of the rapidly developing Chinese manufacturing industry!



Dekuma believes that relying on “two substitutions” and “technological innovation” can alleviate these pains. From the transformation and upgrading of equipment to promote the industrial upgrading of the rubber and plastics industry. Complete the transformation from “big” to “strong” and enhance the competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry.

“Two substitutions” refers to the substitution of imported equipment and the substitution of labor. Only when China can independently develop and produce high-end equipment can we gradually reduce our dependence on imported equipment, and enable more domestic manufacturing companies to realize their original aspirations and help the rubber and plastics industry produce intelligent manufacturing.

“Innovation” is the difficulty of Chinese manufacturing and the pain of Chinese manufacturing, but it is also the light of hope and breakthrough of Chinese manufacturing. Since the reform and opening up, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese “intelligent” manufacturing, only when manufacturing enterprises take innovation as the first driver can we drive China into an era of innovation in an all-round way.


Recently, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau released the Announcement on the List of Dongguan Innovative Enterprises to Be Recognized in 2021.

According to the implementation of Dongguan Innovative Enterprise Cultivation Plan, based on the national high-tech enterprises, no more than 100 high-tech enterprises with strong innovation ability, fast growth and good development potential will be selected as the top 100 innovative enterprises; the focus will be on promoting enterprises to break through the national and provincial R&D planning technologies in key areas, cultivated them as listed companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the Second Board, and built into Hidden Champions of the industry.



Since 2012, DEKUMA has beenContinuously meet the new needs of customers in the selected market segments, actively pay attention to the pain points of customers, and continue to meet customers through technological innovation, gradually replace imported equipment in more and more industries, and gradually ease the difficulty of recruiting for customers, and the common problem of keeping people difficult.

The highly representative and special machines for segmented markets such as automobile rubber seal strip angle splicer, rubber track machine, automobile nylon multi-layer oil tube production line, microduct extrusion line and automobile steel back special machine are constantly researched and developed in an innovative way.In these industries, Dekuma’s equipment has been highly recognized by global industry benchmarking companies and has reached long-term strategic cooperation.

In the List of Dongguan TOP 100 Innovative Enterprises to Be Recognized in 2021, DEKUMA was successfully shortlisted into Dongguan Top 100 Innovative Enterprises.



Over the years, DEKUMA has always focused on the R&D, production and sales of rubber injection molding machine, pipe extrusion production line and hydraulic press, as well as providing customers with after-sales services of related products. DEKUMA is committed to providing global customers with turnkey solutions for complete sets of equipment.

Its products are widely used in many fields such as auto parts, building materials, energy transmission and electronic communications. Customers are located in dozens of countries in Europe, America, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc.

In the future, DEKUMA will continue to dig deep into the industry-specific markets, devote itself to providing customers with industry-specific equipment, and tailor-made one-stop solutions for customers to meet diverse production needs.


Press and hold the QR code below to enter the website of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau.


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Show Preview丨DEKUMA Will Participate in K 2022

NO.1  About the K Show in Germany


K as the world’s leading trade fair, started in 1952 and is the world’s largest event of rubber and plastics industry. It is held every three years, and 21 sessions have been successfully held so far, and it will usher in the 22nd event in 2022.



NO.2  About DEKUMA


DEKUMA has always been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of pipe extruder production line, rubber injection moulding machine and hydraulic press. Our products are widely used in auto parts, building materials, energy transmission, telecommunications and other fields.



Adhering to the concept of “high precision, intelligence, automation and customization”, DEKUMA will bring our latest R & D results to K Show:

1. DKM-EII75x36 parallel twin-screw extruder commonly used in the production of PVC pipes;

2. DKM-RC40Se rubber injection moulding machine commonly used in the corner connection of automobile rubber seal strip.


(1)、DKM-EII75x36 parallel twin-screw extruder


Equipped with the screw and barrel with high L/D ratio optimized by the DEKUMA engineering team, it is often used to produce high-quality UPVC and CPVC pipes, ensuring good plasticizing effect and increasing output.

The DKM-EII75x36 twin-screw extruder to be exhibited at K Show is a new model launched by DEKUMA, suitable for the production of small and medium size PVC pipes. It’s energy-saving, efficient, stable and reliable!


(2)、DKM-RC40Se rubber injection moulding machine
It is often used in the corner connection of automobile door and window rubber seal strip. The biggest advantage is its ultra-high injection accuracy of 0.3%. 
In addition, both the reliability and the stability of this equipment are close to European equipment standards, and it is equipped with a professionally designed feeding system, which can adapt to more rubber materials and almost eliminate the situation of rubber breaking during feeding.
NO.3  About the Show

Welcome to DEKUMA booth!

• Booth No.: Hall 15 / A37

• Exhibition time: October 19-26, 2022

• Venue: Messe Düsseldorf, Germany


Please scan the QR code to access the official website of K Show 2022 for buying the tickets.


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